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Following in the footsteps of the genre's great titles, 'Aeterna Noctis' aims to unite the best of each of them through reinvented gameplay packed with original skills and mechanics. At the controls of the 'King of Darkness' you must regain your power exploring the vast lands of the dark and beautiful world of 'Aeterna' anchored between life and death. The intense action of fast and skillful combat together with truly challenging mechanics will join an exciting and deep story in this adventure made frame by frame using traditional 2D animation.


Chaos, supreme god, creator of the universe and of all that it inhabits, decided at one point in his creation to make the world of 'Aeterna'. He populated it with different races and appointed wise rulers to show the way. Before long, these beings turned against their creator, grouping into two large groups and giving rise to war, death and hatred. This angered Chaos who, in his infinite immortality, took it as an insult to his magnificence and cast a terrible curse on the kings of both factions. He named them 'King of Darkness' and 'Queen of Light' and condemned them to fight each other until the end of days. Cursed, even death could not free them from their destiny since, even if they defeated their opponent, Chaos granted them the gift of immortality and they were reborn again to regain their power and continue their eternal war.


  • "Mechanics and challenging difficulty: The basis of our development has always revolved around this premise. 'Aeterna Noctis' is a game with an affordable but challenging difficulty from the first level, which increases progressively as the player gains experience in the controls and unlocks new skills, always keeping you alert but making you feel proud at each challenge completed."
  • "Clean and fluid gameplay: The gaming experience is another of our pillars. The gameplay has been designed and polished until achieving a system that responds to 100% of the actions regardless of the speed and conditions in which they are executed, avoiding the loss of actions involved and giving the player a feeling of satisfaction and total control."
  • "High Mobility: All our levels are designed to fully exploit the movement skills of our character, opening multiple ways to overcome each challenge and allowing the experienced player to improve their zone completion times.We are also Speedruns Fans!."
  • "Freedom of decision: Explore the mysterious lands of 'Aeterna' in a non-linear way, although the main story of the game has a defined path, we want you to be the players who set your pace and ways to continue being able to travel this world of multiple different ways."
  • "Traditional 2D Art: Our art team has designed Frame by Frame through traditional illustration, each and every one of the animations that you can enjoy in 'Aeterna Noctis', giving life to beautiful and fluid movements with absolute passion and dedication."
  • "A beautiful and deep story: But there are not only platforms and enemies! We have accompanied all this with an original, deep and emotional story with epic moments and unexpected twists that will captivate even the most experienced of players."



We are Aeternum Game Studios


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